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The future husband and wife each must be over 18 years of age. No medical examination or laboratory test is required.
• A marriage application form is available from the office of the Clerk of Courts located in the Judicial Building.
• A marriage license fee must be paid to the Treasury Office, located in the Administration Building that is near the National Congress Building and the Office of the Vice President. Obtain a receipt for the marriage license fee.
• The future husband and wife each must present an English language affidavits (this affidavit form can be obtained from the Office of the Public Defender located in the Judicial Building), stating their full names, citizenship, and that he and/or she has not been previously married. Then the completed affidavits must be notarized. The notarized affidavits must then be authenticated by the American Embassy in the respective country. “Authenticated” means that the Notary is licensed and registered with the embassy.
• Note that if either or both the future husband and wife have been previously married, then he and/or she must present a notarized copy of the divorce papers to a legal translator for translation into English. After which, the signature of the legal translator must be authenticated by the American Embassy.
• The marriage application, the license fee receipt and the appropriate authenticated affidavits must be submitted to the Office of the President for the President’s signature. In the absence of the President, the application is submitted to he Office of the Vice President for his signature.
• Arrangements must be made beforehand with a local Judge or Clergy to perform the marriage ceremony at a fee.
• Following the marriage ceremony, the marriage application must be signed by the Judge or Clergy, the husband, the wife, two witnesses, and then notarized by the Clerk of the Courts.


Photo and text courtesy of the Palau Pacific Resort

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